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Carving with Adipose Tissue

V- CAT 윤곽주사

The solution contains Cyanocobalamin, Bromelain and Lecithin which stimulate  lipase activity and induce activation of lipid metabolism result in lipolysis. These dissoved fat will be removed via lymph system. Other ingredients in the solution minimize the swelling and pain unlike other products such as PPC (Phosphatidylcholine) or Kybella. The solution contains NO STEROID.


> 30 min



Hospital care





Recommended for

  • Those who want V-line by making the jaw line slender

  • Those who want the overall facial line correction and smaller 
  • Those who have a lot of fat in the face, cheek, ear root, and/or beneath chin
  • Those whose face looks big because of the square jaw or face fat
  • Those who wants to improve asymmetry of the face and who lacks elasticity
  • Those who want to lose fat in the forearm without surgery

Post care after V-CAT

  • Drink plenty of water and do not eat at night.

  • After injection, temporarily minor bruise or swelling can happen but it will gradually disappear.

  • Avoid drinking, smoking, sauna, or excessive exercise that might irritate the treated parts for 2~3 days after the procedure but resume a light workout afterward. 

  • Don’t irritate the treated part by rubbing or touching intensely after the procedure.

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