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Hydro-Dermal Injection

물광 주사

Hydro-Dermal Injection is an anti-aging program that helps with maintenance of clear, elastic, and transparent skin by injecting hyaluronic acid into dermal layer of the skin with multi syringe that uses negative pressure. Injection of hyaluronic acid maintains the skin to be moisture and more elastic and makes the skin tone brighter.


60 ~ 90 min


Topical Cream

Hospital care





Hydro Dermal Injection

Improved Skin Texture & Hydration

Skin Whitening & Pore Reduction

Improve Skin Elasticity & Lifting Effect

Improve Wrinkles & Skin Tone

The secret of her younger looking skin!

Recommended for

  • Trobled by worsening dry skin

  • Troubled by flaky and rough skin texture

  • For improved skin tone

  • For clear and resilient skin 

  • For anti-skin aging


  • Patients have less burden because it is a non-invasive method

  • Use of multi needle shortens the duration of treatment (10 minutes for the whole face) 

  • Reduced pain at the time of treatment, enables return to daily life right after treatment 

  • Injects chemical into a certain layer of skin – lifting that uses negative pressure

  • Almost no loss of chemical due to accurate injection

  • Excellent effects for wrinkle improvement, whitening, and enhancement of elasticity

Post care after Hydro-Dermal Injection

  • Slight flushing, swelling and hot flush may be experienced on the day of treatment.

  • It is recommended to stay away from smoking, drinking, facial meridian, sauna and swimming as they may cause infection in treatment area.

  • Slight bruise or rough nasal skin may be experienced, which will disappear within a couple of days.

  • Extra care should be taken for skin moisturization to avoid dryness for one week after treatment. Moisturizing is fundamental for skin regeneration and collagen and elastin reconstruction and it speeds up a recovery of skin barrier.

  • You are allowed to do face wash and makeup right after the treatment.

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