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Babyface Injection


Babyface Injection


The main ingredient is a multi growth factor (MGF), in which growth factors are extracted from stem cells and injected into the patient. When the growth factor of the skin decreases, the skin speed of regenerative will decrease and will result in fine wrinkles and pigmentation.

Babyface injection increases skin regeneration by injecting a 'MGF' growth factor into the skin.

This procedure is done by making tiny holes on the surface of the skin with micro needle and applying MGF ampule to allow it to be absorbed into the skin.


30 min


Topical Cream

Hospital care




Recommended for

  • For improvement of skin elasticity and dry skin

  • For enhancement of skin tone and pigmentation 

  • For reduction of fine lines 

  • For improvement of acne scars and large pores

  • For the regeneration of sensitive skin from too much laser treatments

Post care 

  • You may have mild redness and swelling for two to three days after treatment 

  • No downtime and can return to normal life immediately

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